June 23, 2007

Swiss Miss

High in the Alps today.... Literally looking at the beautiful snowcapped mountains.
We're in Interlacken Switzerland and the town is a buzz because the tour du Suisse is coming through today.

Today's activities
- Tandum parachute jump in about 10 mins
- Rope course adventure park
- Moped through the alps to Gimmelwald

Our train leaves tomorrow for Ampersterdam at 7am

Venice was awesome, we went to the opera
Luzern was great, but rainy..... we went to a dinner show where thez blew Alpenhorns, yodelled, and sang

I have to go.... this internet spaceship is timed.....


Iris Blue said...

Bring on the Swiss Chocolate!

Little Old Lady Who......

Iris Blue said...

I guess the internet spaceship has abducted you to another dimension and you can't update. :-)