June 09, 2007

London days 2-3

Wow, we've seen more of London than probably any Brit! We've done the Tower of London, saw the crown jewels, took a river cruise down the Thames, seen Tony Blair drive by when we were in Westminster, Saw the Abby, saw a military parade (attended by Her Royal Princess) with band/horses/canons etc, visited Buckingham palace, strolls through beautiful parks, out on the town on Pub crawls with a group of locals, high shopping at fancy stores (spent a fortune), and high dining at fancy restaurants (last night we ate chinese....cost us about $80).

Our tour never picked us up and never made contact, so Mark and I are seeing the sights ourselves. Anyway, they should be picking us up shortly for a sight-seeing tour of London (probably a quick bus ride through London). I think Mark and I have had a much better tour just by hanging out with the locals. In fact, Mark's friend Serina is taking us to the Globe theater tonight for a show!

Having a great time! Wish I'd have brought my laptop (it's so hard to dump pictures/video and wait to use the computers)


I posted some flickr photos yesturday.

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Enjoy the LOCAL Flavor!