February 18, 2007

Bridge to Terabithia

Watched the movie (never read the book) this weekend. It was an interesting story, but not really an entertaining one. I guess I just don't get it! It's a movie about imagination setting you free....... NO, it's a movie about life's ups and downs...... NO, it's a tragedy about two foolish kids who took their adventure too far. Uh, I don't know?

Actually, the parts of the movie I liked best were the parts that had NOTHING to do with Terabithia. That whole side of the movie was a waste of film for me.

I give it a thumb down. Definitely ranks down there with "HOOT" (another Walden Media movie based on the book).

Think it'll work?

The UN & ISO have come up with THIS for the new Universal symbol for radiation. I dunno, I think it's a little complex. To me, universal signs shouldn't be step-by-step instructions on how to do something. Here were clearly see the old symbol at the top showering it's squiggly rays down on the lowly peoples. One person happens to be a pirate... the other an athlete or someone who needs to use the restroom quickly. So what are we going to be seeing this on? The x-ray machine at the dental office? (run for your lives)? You new cellphone? (you gonna die man)?

February 15, 2007

Seasons of the Week

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall...... these are the seasons of the WEEK. If you were thinking "year" you'd be wrong.

Monday (SPRING): - Kinda overcast but pleasant. Mix of sunshine, then a few showers. Temp outside was not too hot, not too cold.

Tuesday (SUMMER): - Really balmy and humid out. At 3pm (dismissal time) all hell broke loose and the rain came down from horizontally. The 65+ mph winds blew some nearby roofs off. I've only been out in 1 other storm in my life like this.....and that had a tornado flip cars less that 2 miles from where I was.

Wednesday (FALL): - BEAUTIFUL outside. Nice crist air.... Sunshiny.... Open the windows and love it.

Thursday (WINTER): - Overcast. Colder and colder throughout the day. Break out the jackets and bring in the plants.... we're expecting a hard freeze tonight.

Such is life in Florida

February 11, 2007

Ramblin' again

- Bookfairs were put on this earth to teach kids about sales tax..... and to remind media specialists that no matter how frustrating our jobs get, it could always be worse

- The fire alarm at school always seems to know the moment I have 150 kids in the library. Bookfair shoppers, library patrons, and all my volunteers have to drop whatever they have in their hands on the floor and line up at my back door (which I have to dig out of the bookfair shelves). Never fails.

- What do I do with an entire Saturday to myself? I stayed in bed 'til 6pm (getting up only to eat and potty). It was really weird 'cause I kept checking the time trying to figure out if there was anywhere I needed to be soon. I think I really needed that time off.

- I know it's months away, but I can't wait to go on vacation!!!!

- I hear guitar hero is coming out for the Wii. Time to ROCK!!!

- I should hear by the end of the month who the principal for the new school will be. That will play a big part in my decision to stay/leave my current school.

- My brain age today is 26

- The '08 elections are a year and a half away.... I don't what to hear about it

- I watched a movie on A&E called "Jesus Camp". It is obviously a lightning rod movie, but some of the interviews were a little over the top. What got to me most was that the brainwashing of children started at such an early age (If I employed some of these techniques at my elementary school I'd be fired in a heartbeat). These people were very closed minded, prejudice, and racist..... in the name of Jesus. It boggles my mind that Christians can be just as guilty as any other religion in using their faith as a springboard for hatred and war (They even refer to themselves in the movie as Jesus's army).

I reminds me of the "Rock the Universe" night at Universal Studios a few years ago. This night was billed as a Christian gathering/concert night in the park. Although all the people wore Jesus shirts and chanted Jesus songs, they were downright mean and out of control. By the time I left I has ice thrown at me (because I was wereing a UF shirt at the time), and was namecalled becuase I didn't want to high-five everybody as I went through the ride lines. It was a real eye-opener into the difference between what a religon TEACHES, and the ACTIONS of it's followers.

- Did I mention my brain age was 26 :-)