February 14, 2008

Newbie Skaters

Tonight was "Skate Night" for my Elementary School. We had at least 100 kids there and I think 80% of them went home injured. Fall after fall I helped kids to the side and got them ice and help.

I'm looking forward to my new job next year as Tech Specialist for Harmony Community School. I have my first staff meeting next Wednesday...can't wait. After 8 years at Lakeview I think I've build a great media/tech program that is capable of surviving on it's own. Even though everyone's upset that I'm leaving (my principal told Kathy he hopes I'll change my mind before I sign the paperwork), I know that they'll be just fine without me.

This entry's video spotlight goes to........ the crazy Japanese potato chip commercial

Happy Valentine's Day.... Even though I think it's the stupidest holiday ever invented.