October 20, 2007

Paco Taco

Happy Halloween

October 17, 2007

Coming to a head

Next week is the "magic" week that many of the projects that I've been working on come to fruition:
- My school's webpage will go live. Hopefully, this will be a good communication tool between our staff, parents, and community.
- I'm certified to podcast for our school so I plan to ad that to our website also. Being able to use this media in my job setting is exciting and will change the way I do morning announcements.
- Our AR reading quizzes will go online. This will give our students online access to over 100,000 AR quizzes.

Any one of these items is a huge job in itself, but they're all related. Each one has a domino effect on others so it seems like pressure is building to the climax... which is next week. Hopefully, everything will go smoothly as we "flip the switch".