December 09, 2006

And the great swami says:

It's already happened: Weather types are already predicting and super-sized hurricane season for next year. Since when have they ever nailed down a good prediction? More importantly, who cares what the prediction is.... when you see a hurricane pop up on radar and it's coming close to your house.... RUN FOREST RUN! If it's not coming (or doesn't form), who the heck cares.

It's amazing that we have such little comprehension of mother nature. I think we should do away with the titles of weather forecasting, and meteorologist and just call them what they are: Radar watchers. Any dang fool can see a cold front coming. Any dang fool can see a line of showers, or a big storm coming. But much more than's all a guess.

December 07, 2006

Dear Phone Company

I don't want your stinkin' phonebooks so PLEASE STOP SENDING THEM!

I haven't owned a home phone for 8 years.... I rarely ever use my cellphone for anything except family calls, and if I ever wanted to call a business or resident I'd use the internet. Yet every year I get 8 new phonebooks delivered to my doorstep that I'm never going to use. I usually have to make a special trip to the dumpster because that many phonebooks fills up a garbage can in one shot. We've got a national "Do Not Call" list.... can't we make a "Do Not Solicit" list. Anytime I get unsolicited ads (or phonebooks), I consider it a form of vandalism. If you stop and thing about it... they are throwing something that I would never pick up myself (ie: trash) and forcing me to take responsibility for it's disposal. I don't want that kind of responsibility. If I find a flyer on my windshield wiper and throw it on the ground, am I littering?.... I think not. I would merely be removing the vandalism from my vehicle.


December 02, 2006





December 01, 2006

Libraries Rock

There's nothing quite like a good library..... I just wish I had a good one. After boycotting the Osceola County Public libraries for a good 7 years I decided to give them another try. To their credit the place looks much more like a Borders or Barns/Nobles. The staff is much friendlier and willing to help.... a HUGE change from years ago. My disappointment is in their actual collection... they have very few CDs, DVDs, Audio books, and BOOKS! I went their hoping to score an audiobook version of one of the Sunshine State Young Readers books. My first couple searches turned up only 1 print copy at the MAIN BRANCH! Are you kidding me?... ONE stinkin' copy? I guess an audiobook version is WAY out of the question then.

Don't get me wrong, I still love a good library. It's one of the only institutions in this world set up to serve the public for FREE!! In fact, as a school media specialist/librarian I love to provide these same services to my school. A library without materials, however, is not worth going to very often.


December 1st... and no snow in NYC this year (even though it snowed in Buffalo NY the weekend I was there in October).