February 19, 2006

Disney Spin

Wow, I got to hand it to Disney. They are the masters of marketing. Yes, they opened a new roller coaster this month and it was the talk of the town for a day or two. Although nobody disputes the attention to detail that went into making this ride, it hasn't taken anybody's breath away.

Nevertheless, it was funny to see they they had a billboard in Times Square last week that had REAL people climbing all over it. Maybe after National Boards I'll head over and check it out.... who knows.... maybe I'll actually work back at Slash Mountain for a couple weekends.


Olypmic Observations: - I don't know why Bode Miller even came to the Olympics.... he keeps saying his heart's not in these games and that he doesn't care. He's hugely sponsored yet poo poo's the games... why did we let this guy represent our country?

- Hockey is awesome; Ice dancing is aweful

- I hope Shauni Davis chokes on his gold medal. He and his wicked witch "sports mom" have snubbed every aspect of sportsmanship and teamwork.... it's all about Shauni, shauni, shauni. Maybe he and Bode came make their own country called EgoSlavia.

- Curling could be interesting to watch IF they could find a way to make it faster. TV cuts to commercial after every shot (very hard to keep from falling asleep). I propose a 20 second timer between shots... keep the game going.

- Speaking of curling..... is it really practical to have women and men teams complete separately? sure some sports need the sexes separated, but Curling? Which leads me to another point; are they really athletes? Computer hacking is a skill, but it's not an olympic sport either. The IOC needs to do a better job at finding ATHLETIC sports to put in the Olympics (I like the Snowboard Cross Races that were added this year)

Bad Casting

Lara Croft... always concidered super hot, is coming out in another movie. Angelina Jolie looked the part in the first Tomb Raider movie. The new Laura, however, is a HUGE miss. Instead of being hot, she looks like a modern day Olive Oil with guns.

I expect Lara to have a pretty face.... not this one
I expect Lara to have a toned body.... this one is gonna need to do some serious crunchies
I expect Lara to look sexy.... this one looks like she belongs on Jerry Springer.
I expect Lara to be proportional..... this one could put some rings around her neck and fit in with an African tribe.

I'd like to call a recount on the casting.... they got it all wrong this time.

February 07, 2006

Smile.....It's important

So I'm home sick, again, and I'm watching a TV show about the science of human attraction. They follow beauty through cultures and time.... but one thing transends cultures and time; the SMILE! It's the easiest and most significant change that you can make to your appearance.
Usually, as I walk the halls at school, I get a significant number of "hellos" and high fives from students and teachers. This morning, however, I was ignored. Although I felt OK at that time, I wasn't smiling, and people simply walked by.
I can't wait to get better and smile when I go back to work.