February 19, 2006

Bad Casting

Lara Croft... always concidered super hot, is coming out in another movie. Angelina Jolie looked the part in the first Tomb Raider movie. The new Laura, however, is a HUGE miss. Instead of being hot, she looks like a modern day Olive Oil with guns.

I expect Lara to have a pretty face.... not this one
I expect Lara to have a toned body.... this one is gonna need to do some serious crunchies
I expect Lara to look sexy.... this one looks like she belongs on Jerry Springer.
I expect Lara to be proportional..... this one could put some rings around her neck and fit in with an African tribe.

I'd like to call a recount on the casting.... they got it all wrong this time.


Iris Blue said...

I think casting didn't get past her chest.

underwear ninja said...

ugh of all the hotties in the world they had to pick that?? a droopy porn wanna be? i thought laura croft was supposed to be athletic and voluptuous? this one is just, what's the word...baggy?