September 25, 2006

Why am I still paying for cable?

Cancel the cable...... YouTube offers hours of entertainment for free. Let's see what's on tonight's listings:

Science Programing: Build your own flame thrower

Educational Programing in a hurry: World Politics lesson in 30 seconds

Nature Programing: Frogcicles

Technology Programing: Boom

So many channels... so little time.

September 12, 2006

Just typin.....

- I can't believe that eDonkey is gone for good. I used that little server to get all kinds of music, software, and such. Now I'm back to square one in my search for a Peer-to-peer provider..... Think I'll try Morpheus w/ bittorrent.

- I can't wait to strip the DRM off of my itunes purchases. Hopefully the software will be ready in a week or so that will make it easy to do.

- Speaking of Apple, I'm interested to see what their little iTV box can do..... gotta figure out how I can use it in a educational setting.

- I found out today that one of my friends at work is leaving to take a job with the district.... A real big bummer.

- I think Sept 11th shouldn't be about the people that died. It's rehashing the horrors all over again each year. Imagine the children who can't ever get over this tragedy because every year it comes back. They need to be able to move on with their lives..... I DO however, believe that the USA should not forget that we live in a world where people mean us harm. My point is 9/11 shouldn't be about what happened to who, but about how it impacted America on the world stage.

- I can't wait to pack up my bookfair tomorrow :-)

September 06, 2006

Peterson's Principal

No, that's not a typo in my title.... Let me explain:

The Peterson Principle (as I learned it back in undergrad) states that people tend to get promoted to positions they are least likely to succeed at. A skilled laborer may have mastered his craft to perfection, however if he is promoted to a management position his skills are will no longer match his job title and he will flounder.

I bring this up because the Assistant Principal at our school is driving me crazy. And I know I'm not the only one with this problem..... AP's in general seem to be hit-or-miss with their management skills. In my case, he runs the school as the dictator of a small country (my school). He has stated that his role is to give "directives" and that it's our job to follow them. Well, yes and no. True he is the man in charge... but we're all on a team that need to work together. By taking a dictator position, he is pushing people away who are trying their darnest to work with him (did I mention his excellent business sense doesn't translate to educational sense). Because of this, I'm seriously looking at alternative places to work (I let our district supervisor know that I'd be interested in looking at the new schools for next year). I know I need to stay "in field" to keep my National Board Certification.... but is something great comes along, I want to keep my option open to jump ship.

I've heard an old saying that states: If you love your job, you'll never work a day in your life. I've always said I'd stay until it wasn't fun anymore..... So far this year, I've worked my tail off and it's not very fun.