May 25, 2006


I have a little confession to make: I am a terrorist

Evil doers, terrorists, threats to national security.... these are the buzzwords being thrown around to justify spying on the American public. The problem is that there are no checks or balances to this process and can/is grossly misused by those in power. What is a terrorist anyway? Of course the first thing you think of is a middle Eastern dude with a gun or the Sept 11th highjackers, however in most countries you are a terrorist if you disagree with the current government (again, I'm guilty). Now the government wants to spy on the media so they can find out who their anonymous sources are.... this is just CRAZY!!! Sure, reporters constantly deal with information that could affect the integrity of our nation, but a FREE nation needs to have these liberties without fear of pursecution. Per capital, our elected officials are some of the most unethical, lying, cheating, stealing people on the planet.... yet this administration feels that they should be givin a greenlight to spy with absolute authority because they know bests....... BULL %@#$.

I feel the Bush aministration has not only bent the rules and values of our Constitution.... He's darn near written his own. In my opinion, he is a threat to our National Security and needs to be labels a Terror suspect (see, if I were Bush... who could stop me for my opinion?.... NOBODY)

BTW, I've joined the ACLU fight to speak out against this crap. If your interested... visit their website and sign their petition:

May 04, 2006

Hapland 3

Alright ya'll, Hapland 2 took me the better part of an hour to complete..... Hapland 1 was a little less. This new version of Hapland took me over 5 days (probably around 1.5 hours a day) to complete!!!! Now I can go to sleep at night without wondering what would happen if I just _______ or if I change the order of ________ and ________ (Yes, it really did keep my brain spinning for days).

Anyways, It's over now and I'm feelin' like I'm on top of the world (completing the hard puzzles gives a great sense of satisfaction). Give it a try if you're up to the challange.

May 02, 2006

Handicapped? Then Press the Button!

The title of this blog serves two stories:

1. At my request, my school district has finally installed a handicap button for my library door. Sure, we have one on the back door but nobody uses that door and it stays locked all day. Now the wheelchair students at my school can rejoice in the new button I have given them. On the other hand..... EVERYBODY pushes the button. Nobody wants to actually push or pull the door open anymore because they know about the new "easy button"; a quick tap and the door opens..... for a whole 10 seconds before closing). So, I've been giving the "Don't press the button unless your handicapped" lecture all month.

2. Blogger has added a similar "easy button" to their comment page. You want to see it? Simply leave me a comment and direct your eyes to the right when it asked you to type in the confirmation letters. This is a new wheelchair logo, and being the curious cat that I am (ok, so I'm just as bad as the kids at my school), I pressed it. Go on now.... give it a try! We'll see if the Blogger people give us the "Don't press the button unless your handicapped" lecture!!!!!!!