April 02, 2007

to toast OR not to toast......

Toaster tech has remained relatively unchanged for decades. Well my friends, that's all changing nowadays..... I introduce to you not one, not two, but THREE new designs sure to make your toasting experience much more exciting!1. Imagine if you will, this beauty sitting on your kitchen counter. You have a guest stop by for tea can crumpets (but you're all out of crumpets, so we'll use toast instead). Can't you just see the delight on your guest's face when you start feeding fluffy white bread in one side and catch crispy brown toast on the other.... and if that weren't enough.... It has a rack for your toast to cool down while you "oooh and ahhhh" over your toaster. On the practical side: This isn't saving any counter space, it has mechanical parts, it'll get crumbs EVERYWHERE, and I'm pretty sure it'll jam (pun intended) if you load your bread crooked.

2. Now this here is a TOASTER!!! Inspired by the St. Louis arches (or maybe the McDonald's arches), this artsy design is sure to bring you minutes and minutes of joy. Nevermind that it takes up more space that any toaster on the market, it's really unsafe, and not very efficient..... it's got green accents which is toatally AWESOME!!! Oh, and there was no mention if the sliding rack even pops out or not..... you may have to toast some knuckles to get your toast..... but nothing good ever comes easy, Right?

3. Heck, those other two toasters ain't no good.... now THIS HERE IS A TOASTER!!! Simple, elegant, and super small. Meet the RollerToaster! Just think... you could pack this in your suitcase and bring it on your travels. And while we're at it, why stop at toast.... I'm sure there are other things around the house that you could probably roll through this device (fingers?).