January 21, 2008

Dis and Dat

running off at the keyboard....

- It's beautiful outside. I love winter in Florida

- I'll be a 'tech specialist" next year...gonna mean big changes as the year winds down.

- Enjoy these pics;- Only In Russia

- While I'm linking... check out the Wootable Awards

- I think my new bed sags toward the middle. If an extra brace bar doesn't help I'm gonna have to go back and do an exchange/upgrade (they don't do exchanges)

- I'm on a "weight lose" team at school. My name is Scott and I'm addicted to Sugar. I know these next few days are going to be hard until by body adjusts to lower sugar intake.

- I voted early....now it's out of my hands. Lets hurry up and get this election year over already.

- The hotel seems to have forgiven me for failing a shop. I think they know I'm one of their best valets. It was good to hear the other guys and cashiers give kudos for my performance yesterday.

January 01, 2008

A night at the ball....without a ticket

I was called to valet at Gaylord Palms for the New Years Eve Midnight Masque (A $450/ticket masquerade ball). All night long I was driving nice cars and watching VERY elaborate costumes enter for an evening of fun. It was surreal and reminded me of watching AMEDEUS (one of my all time favorite movies). Oh, and I got to valet for Sen. Bill Nelson... I guess he and his wife go to this thing every year (Got to wish them both a happy new year also). The only bad thing was that many of the party-goers were too drunk to tip or drive home. Oh well, I didn't make very much quid but at least it was different.