January 21, 2008

Dis and Dat

running off at the keyboard....

- It's beautiful outside. I love winter in Florida

- I'll be a 'tech specialist" next year...gonna mean big changes as the year winds down.

- Enjoy these pics;- Only In Russia

- While I'm linking... check out the Wootable Awards

- I think my new bed sags toward the middle. If an extra brace bar doesn't help I'm gonna have to go back and do an exchange/upgrade (they don't do exchanges)

- I'm on a "weight lose" team at school. My name is Scott and I'm addicted to Sugar. I know these next few days are going to be hard until by body adjusts to lower sugar intake.

- I voted early....now it's out of my hands. Lets hurry up and get this election year over already.

- The hotel seems to have forgiven me for failing a shop. I think they know I'm one of their best valets. It was good to hear the other guys and cashiers give kudos for my performance yesterday.

1 comment:

Iris Blue said...

Looks like there are not too many building codes in Russia.