August 25, 2006

Go Rednecks!!!

I was a little skeptical about watching a video called "Redneck Rocket Launcher", but I'm actually very impressed! Can't wait 'til the 4th of July!!!

August 22, 2006

Words of Wisdom

I love it when I see or hear something that makes complete sense. I recently came across a blog that sounds off about the differences between college and the working world. After reading it, I felt like shaking the author's hand and saying "Amen brother"! Take a moment and enjoy.

August 08, 2006

A Rose By Any Other Name.....

So I'm entering kids into our computer systems at school so they can take AR quizzes and check out books. It seems like more and more kids are coming to school with hyphenated last names. I think it's just plain silly. Pick a name and stick with it.....

In a related story, I watched a news feature last night on a couple that is selling the naming rights to their unborn child on eBay. The starting bid is something like $14,000. I'm all for free enterprise, but think it should be illegal for those kinds of parents to have kids. Names are a huge part of a persons identity, it's a part of someone's life.... NOT FOR SALE! These parents obvisouly don't care about that. I feel sorry for little baby "" who's not going to see a dime of that money.

August 01, 2006

Let's get ready to RUMBLE!!!

Goodbye quiet July, Hello August! Not 5 hours into the month and we've already got a tropical storm pointed at South Florida! Welcome to hurricane season..