January 24, 2007

Kicked to the curb

So this family is upset that they were kicked off an AirTran flight because their 3 year old daughter was having a tantrum and wouldn't sit in her seat before take-off. The flight had already been delayed 15 minutes because of this, but the family still thinks they should have been given more time to calm the girl down.

You've got to be kidding me. Of course this little girl should have been kicked off the flight. In fact, she's lucky the FAA didn't throw her in the slammer for being a domestic terrorist. I know that this is something that all children do at some time or another, but you can't stop of airliner filled with 122 other passengers because little princess is refusing to buckle up.

After flying them home on a different flight, AirTran has given them a complete refund for their tickets and offered them complimentary tickets for a future flight to anywhere that AirTran flies. Say WHAT?!!?!?!! WTF is that all about..... I could see MAYBE giving them a break on their return flight fair, but a refund? and extra tickets? Shoot, let's throw in some DisneyWorld Annual passes and a winning lottery ticket.

The father is quoted as saying "it's too little too late.....we'll never fly AirTran again"! One things for sure, if they decide to drive to their next destination and the child starts her hissy fit, you can believe they won't get the royalty treatment from other drivers.

January 22, 2007

Ramblin' about dis and dat......

- Apparently I got a writeup in the newspaper about being National Board Certified. I'll have to get a copy from someone and take a look. I went to a fancy dinner last Friday to receive my award from our county.... I even got my "brag badge (a special nametag that touts our achievement for all to see).
- Played paintball Saturday. I was pretty sure I was recruited as an easy target but I did a lot better that I thought I would. Ended up taking out some snipers and getting into the enemy territories before going down (and then only because I thought the guy who shot me was already out so I didn't shoot him first). I did get to shoot my principal..... I know it's buggin' him, but he hasn't said anything (hee hee)
- Went a hypnotist Sunday evening. It was amazing! He had complete control over 6 or 7 people, and partial control over many others. He almost had me but my eyes were twitching and I thought about them too much and woke myself up. I later learned that the eye twitch is the biggest/last hurdle before you're down for the count. He got my friend up there (total control) as well as partial control of my assistant principal (who doesn't remember anything before he told her to "sleep"). It was so interesting to watch.... I'd love to go back again. The mind is capable of so many things..
- In the news, a man is not allowed on an airplane because his Tshirt says that President Bush is a terrorist. This is completely a violation of free speech. Boy the government can sure dish it out, but they can't take it.
- I started an after-school video club today. It was so much fun. We make a commercial for our poetry contest coming up! Can't wait for next week's club meeting.
- Congrats to da'Bearsh and da'Colts for gettin to da Supa Bowl. That's about as excited as I can get about this game. Pro ball has NOTHING on college sports.... GO GATORS!
- Washed my BrainAge Nintendo DS game in the laundry. Still works like new. Even the sticker stayed on "like new".
- That's about all I can think of right now..... Goodnight all.... it's bedtime

January 11, 2007

India does it Better......

My Bestbuy.com purchases have slowly found their way back to the sender after being shipped to the wrong address. This has put me on the phone with customer service several times to find out what I need to do to get a refund. Today I got an email that my items had been received back at Bestbuy.com and my accounts would be credited. The problem is that some of those items were for ME and I used giftcards to buy them.....then threw away the giftcards.

So anways, I called again today to see about getting a replacement giftcard sent. After the dispatcher patched my call to bestbuy.com call center I got the kookiest service rep I've ever heard. He picked up the phone and didn't say anything. After several seconds I said "Hello?" and he replied back, "Hello! What do you need?" I explained my story (again) to him. He replied "What am I supposed to do about it". After explaining that I expected him to help me, he started huffing and puffing into the receiver. It was really kinda funny.

Now here's the kicker..... after everything I said, he would reply "Thank you, Thank you very much" (Just like Elvis). It was too funny. After telling him my order number that had a 1-6-0-0 in it, he replied "That's a big Sixteen hundred on my SAT..... Thank you, Thank you very much"! I was beside myself. I can't believe people actually get away with doing this to customers in the USA. No wonder India has the corner on this market!!!

January 05, 2007

Let Freedom Ring

I've always been against our "specialty" license plates in Florida. Support the Arts, Save the Manatees, Support Education, etc. The one that I can't believe they put out has been the "Choose Life" plate for anti-abortion. It's not that I've chosen a side on this issue, it's that I feel strongly that you state license plate shouldn't reflect your views. I've always said, "if you're going to have a "Choose Life" plate, you've got to be equally respectful if somebody wants to put a "Choose Death" plate on their car.

I'm reading in the paper this morning about the new "Pro Choice" plates that are proposed. These new plates will be debated I'm sure, but it's not about what the message says..... it's about EQUAL opportunity to see both sides of an issue. I can't believe those STUPID IDIOTS in our state legislature didn't see this coming when they proposed such polarizing plates to begin with... Now it's time to live with the results of their decisions.

January 02, 2007

Stop Being Homeless

HAPPY NEW YEAR ever-body! This time of year is marked by self-reflection and resolutions for personal improvement. While most resolutions include a healthier lifestyle, few of them are ever realized because they are either too ambitious or the motivation to change ebbs quickly.

The homeless, however, have resolutions too. You would think improving yourself would be easy when your in the gutter, but it's harder than it appears. This video highlights some of the struggles homeless people face in keeping their resolutions.

Take Care and God Bless.