January 24, 2007

Kicked to the curb

So this family is upset that they were kicked off an AirTran flight because their 3 year old daughter was having a tantrum and wouldn't sit in her seat before take-off. The flight had already been delayed 15 minutes because of this, but the family still thinks they should have been given more time to calm the girl down.

You've got to be kidding me. Of course this little girl should have been kicked off the flight. In fact, she's lucky the FAA didn't throw her in the slammer for being a domestic terrorist. I know that this is something that all children do at some time or another, but you can't stop of airliner filled with 122 other passengers because little princess is refusing to buckle up.

After flying them home on a different flight, AirTran has given them a complete refund for their tickets and offered them complimentary tickets for a future flight to anywhere that AirTran flies. Say WHAT?!!?!?!! WTF is that all about..... I could see MAYBE giving them a break on their return flight fair, but a refund? and extra tickets? Shoot, let's throw in some DisneyWorld Annual passes and a winning lottery ticket.

The father is quoted as saying "it's too little too late.....we'll never fly AirTran again"! One things for sure, if they decide to drive to their next destination and the child starts her hissy fit, you can believe they won't get the royalty treatment from other drivers.


Iris Blue said...

Hey, with free tickets and a future free flight, parents all over will train their kids to act out and fly for free.

Personally, I would have swatted her, and she's not even mine. Who would want to be on the plane with her?

Anonymous said...

Right on. Spoiled parents, spoiled brat. --nbk

R the Great said...

why do people insist on rewarding bad behavior. it isn't fair to the other passengers to be delayed. GET HER OFF THAT PLANE

underwear ninja said...

that wouldn't "fly" on the subway. dem jerks close the doors no matter who's where. they will NOT wait for anybody 'cept the cops coz it slows the trains down.
and it's not important that the dad says too little too late. he can kiss AirTran's tailpipe. the important thing is that the public was made aware how AirTran responded. that's the good PR part.