August 04, 2008

Here we go again....

Dear voter,
Would you support a law that makes school districts spend at least 65% of their budgets in the classroom?...... Then vote YES for it when you see it on the ballot this fall.

Would you support a law that takes money away from public schools so the state can put kids that fail the FCAT exam into private schools?........Then vote YES for the SAME LAW!!!

.....FL judge ruled today that this resolution is going to be on the Fall ballot. The problem is that voters usually vote with good intentions, but they fail to read the entire resolution on the ballot. Of course you're going to vote for $$ for classrooms, but the fact is that almost all districts already spend more that 65% of their budgets in that shouldn't even be an issue. The crime is that only a handful of people will know that this is really about school vouchers.

This ranks up there with:
- Property Tax Amendment
- High Speed Rail
- Class Size Reduction

Grrrrrrrrr :-(