September 25, 2006

Why am I still paying for cable?

Cancel the cable...... YouTube offers hours of entertainment for free. Let's see what's on tonight's listings:

Science Programing: Build your own flame thrower

Educational Programing in a hurry: World Politics lesson in 30 seconds

Nature Programing: Frogcicles

Technology Programing: Boom

So many channels... so little time.


Iris Blue said...

I've looked at YouTube never see anything interesting. Lonelygirl15? and the week-ends seem to bring out the clips where girls are bound and gagged. Those give me terrible anxiety attacks. How COULD someone even 'play' bondage?

Nope...give me cable....and my TiVo.

R the Great said...

What is YouTube?

underwear ninja said...

that flame thrower rawks