October 26, 2006

Running off at the keyboard.....

- I'm getting a BEST BUY (not to be confused with Buy Best) less than a mile from my house (the LOOP). It'll be opening May 2007.

- My computer died.....so I got a new one

- Halloween doesn't feel like Halloween this year. Instead it's just October with NO holiday

- Had a great time in NYC with Ninja!

- We were first place this week at Trivia Night (thanks to brightstar as my "phone-a-friend")

- I've been staying after school on Mondays and Tuesdays to excercise with some teachers. They are working me to death, but it's finally starting to get easier.

- It's only a matter of time before I have a downstairs neighbor.... they finally put a real lock on the door.


R the Great said...

a new computer eh?

Iris Blue said...

A Compute that works. That's what's important.

Check out this verificatin.

Puzz. Sound like it SHOULD be something for real.