February 19, 2006


Olypmic Observations: - I don't know why Bode Miller even came to the Olympics.... he keeps saying his heart's not in these games and that he doesn't care. He's hugely sponsored yet poo poo's the games... why did we let this guy represent our country?

- Hockey is awesome; Ice dancing is aweful

- I hope Shauni Davis chokes on his gold medal. He and his wicked witch "sports mom" have snubbed every aspect of sportsmanship and teamwork.... it's all about Shauni, shauni, shauni. Maybe he and Bode came make their own country called EgoSlavia.

- Curling could be interesting to watch IF they could find a way to make it faster. TV cuts to commercial after every shot (very hard to keep from falling asleep). I propose a 20 second timer between shots... keep the game going.

- Speaking of curling..... is it really practical to have women and men teams complete separately? sure some sports need the sexes separated, but Curling? Which leads me to another point; are they really athletes? Computer hacking is a skill, but it's not an olympic sport either. The IOC needs to do a better job at finding ATHLETIC sports to put in the Olympics (I like the Snowboard Cross Races that were added this year)


Iris Blue said...

Curing? Curling. It looks like it would be fun to do expcept that they get down low. (bad knees here). A cross between shuffle-board and ironing.

pL said...

I like you comments on the Olympics. As an American living in the Czech Republic, I have to say I probably got a better view of the games in general. The Czech TV just played what was on, and if there was more than one event, they would go with the more interesting one (of course, the other would be on the cable channel). The hokey was great, no one here was surprised to see the Kanadian and USA teams go home early.

As for Curling (here, they would have 1/2 hr summaries of the matches, showing important / interesting ends - of course the match was live on the cable channel, and they do have a time limit, I think it’s 74min (each team) to complete 10 ends), I think it is definitely a sport. Not so much in the athletic sense (those things are pretty heavy, and I bet you'd be a bit sore after playing several hours of shuffleboard) but in the competition sense. Yes, hacking is a skill, but you don't see much competitive team hacking (might not be a bad idea - the geek games). The amount of precision, both mental and on the ice, is amazing. As for the mixed teams…well, I can watch an entire round of women’s curling, but not men’s. Some of those ladies are damn cute!

Bunnee said...

OK, I have to admit, The new country name for Shandi? & Bode was super funny! But, Leave Bode alone. I am on my way to BodeFest April 29th in NH. I have a seat at his table as I am one of the invited skiers to preform for the kids w/ aerials & such. We will also being doing snowmobile tricks for everyone. Bode & I will be searching one of mine as there is one person in this world that can out do this goregous man in something. I ride better but he of course skis the very best. Bode & I have know each other for years. If ya want to pick on someone, pick on me. Bode does not read any BLOGS at all but I do. He is super cool & can be my American ANY-TIME he wants. Have you stood next to him in person? The way he smells? YUM!! His build is huge / muscles. I mean it, this man is a big boy & is super hot. He has this grin & these lips that just beg you to kiss him. It's stupid as I have a boyfriend but even my boyfriend whom is really hot met him & said.."OK, just once!!" LOL! If I get the chance..I will get myself a little "Bode action" plus suggest that he might need a princess in his new Country that you created for us. Bunnee. :)