February 07, 2006

Smile.....It's important

So I'm home sick, again, and I'm watching a TV show about the science of human attraction. They follow beauty through cultures and time.... but one thing transends cultures and time; the SMILE! It's the easiest and most significant change that you can make to your appearance.
Usually, as I walk the halls at school, I get a significant number of "hellos" and high fives from students and teachers. This morning, however, I was ignored. Although I felt OK at that time, I wasn't smiling, and people simply walked by.
I can't wait to get better and smile when I go back to work.


R the Great said...

When I read your blog the first time I thought you were homesick...not sick at home. I hope you feel better soon!

nbk said...

You're right, smiling makes a big difference in how people treat you, and you've got a great smile. But it's best when it comes naturally because we feel happy, and when we're sick, we don't usually feel very happy, and friends pass by and pretend not to notice. Maybe it's nature's way of saying "stay away so you don't get it too."