January 28, 2006


For several months, we've had problems with our newspaper delivery at school. We're supposed to get 5 daily, however, most days we get 1 or 2.... or none at all. I've called and called.... this only makes our delivery guy upset because he gets docked everytime I call. Apparently we have somebody stealing our papers or a dog is fetching them before we pick them up.

So Thursday, my assistant pulls her jeep up to the gate to get the papers when a little black car pulls in ahead of her. A big man gets out of his car, gives my assistant a look, and takes 2 or 3 of the papers. He then proceeds around to drop off his child at extended day. We note the child and the license plate number and inform the principal. His suggestion; write a tackful letter and send it home with the child.

So I write a letter which recounts the events which have been witnessed, but doesn't place blame. I just want this parent to consider our position. I show it to the principal, and he says it's perfect.
Now, our resource officer has heard of our situation and is ready to call this guy and confront him. He ran the license plates and all, however, the principal wouldn't let him go after this guy.

Friday, as expected, I get a call from our offender who basically admits to taking a paper or two every week, but thinks we're going too far to accuse him of stealing papers. I explain to him that stealing papers is EXACTLY what he's been doing, whether he knows it or not, and that we'd like him to leave our papers alone. He gets angrier and angrier and finally hangs up on me.
The thing is.... he's probably not the only one doing this.

So next week, I'm going to go in super early each day and see if I can catch others in the act.... perhaps on camera. Who knows.... by the end of the week, I may have a whole bunch of parents yelling at me.


underwear ninja said...

i wasn't stealing! i was just taking a paper or two that don't belong to me and...oh wait. that's called stealing, isn't it?

Iris Blue said...

He takes 2-3 papers? How many does he need?

R the Great said...

you go!! good for you being on top of things. can the paper guy throw the papers over the fence so they can't be stolen?