January 21, 2006

HDDVD vs. BlueRay

So there is a monumental battle taking shape that brings back memories of BetaMax vs. VHS. Today's companies are trying to the be ones to bring High Definition DVD's to your living room and computer. Since there is no standard yet, and no clear winner.... this has frustrating repercussions on Discount Resellers and consumers. What do you buy? Who's disks can you play. Both sides currently have big motion picture houses and computer companies behind them.... Both have amazing new products.... Neither is anywhere compatible with the other.

SO, this week..... when it finally looked like HDDVD was down for the count, two BIG companies came to its rescue: Microsoft and Intel. Talk about timing.... this new breath for HDDVD is no doubt going to prolong the war and be a nightmare for consumers. It also gives Microsoft an interesting edge.... They can stall the market for both formats until they develop software that does the same thing over Broadband. Think about it, Apple's iTunes is now selling TV and music at unbelievable rates over the Internet. In a couple years, you will no doubt be able to score just about ANY media you can imagine over a network or Internet Connection.

All we need now is SUPER storage. Actually, I could use a good Teribyte box right now. I have a camcoder that films straight to HD....no tape. It's really cool, but I can see my Hard drive filling up fast.

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underwear ninja said...

interesting insight you have. i agree with you on how consumers will be driven crazygonuts over the two formats. its probably a good idea not to invest in any new equipment until there is a clear winner in this. either way, microsoft will not be bad stock to invest in soon ;)