January 06, 2006

King Tut

King Tut won the lottery BIG TIME!!!! Everything he needed/wanted was provided for him..... and considering that he lived 3000 years ago, he had some really dope *BLING*. I got to see many Egyptian artifacts at the Met in NYC over winter break, and although the craftsman ship was impressive, none could compare with TUT. I was also impressed for the way the Museum told the story of Tut throughout the exhibit. To someone like me, who is only slightly familiar with this story, it was an eye opener to step into the past and get a true sense of history involved. The last time I was this pleased with an exhibit was at the HolyLand Experience in Orlando (again, it was an insight into a story I vaugely knew).


R the Great said...

So it was worth seeing? Should I try to get the kids there?

underwear ninja said...

maybe not the kids. its more of a religious museum. not alot of hip, happening things to do.