January 21, 2006

What's up?

Ramblin' at the computer:

- So I hear on the news that a dude in NYC rode the subway for over 6 hours before anybody realized he was dead. In the movie Collateral, Tom Cruise uses a similar incident (yes this has happened before) to justify the killing of his victims as he is driven around Chicago for murder. In both cases, they make it sound like a "Shame on Society" story...... how could we be so out of touch with our fellow man to not even notice that he's dead? I see it a little differently though: It's impolite to disturb people when they are sleeping or drunk.... these things happen on the subway all the time. You can't blame people for not realizing the subtle difference between sleep and death.

- I think the planets were out of alignment this week..... if so we should send some rockets up to knock'em back in place. Translation, the students were just jumpy this week...... I'm going to have to lay down the law come Monday.

- I read an interesting health tip about diet hunger today. It says that you should stay away from eating many different flavors at once. Example, eat mostly apples one day, or mostly pineapple, or chocolate..... whatever it is, try to have a "taste theme". When you do this, your body will register that it's FULL and cut off your hunger pangs. On the other hand, if you eat too many different flavors at once, your body resets the hunger pangs for each new flavor.


Iris Blue said...

Re the dead commuter: Ninja's story with helping a sleeping commuter and the awful results would prevent anyone from helping.

I too read the one-food themed diet. Interesting..but it sounds unrealistic. I think the Atkins diet is unrealistic too.

Big Penguin said...

I would add that sugar resets your hunger too. I find that when I drink water and stay off of really Sweet stuff I'm nowhere near hungry. The more sweets you eat/drink the more it takes to get "FULL".

underwear ninja said...

that would explain why i can gorge on oreos and milk for a half hour and not be hungry and not gain weight. and i think the diet is realistic. but instead of it lasting a day, make it last until you're full. like eat apples until you're full.

Iris Blue said...

It's not just eating apples all day long, but basing a meal around that theme or flavor.

It's not one food, but one flavor theme so the oreao/milk diet would not qualify. ie..tomatoe juice (breakfast with your cereal), tomato on your sandwich (lunch), tomato soup( with your meal at supper), but not at one meal....over the day.

R the Great said...

I think my theme food should be chocolate. Chocolate milk, chocolate covered hamburger, chocolate sauce and spaghetti...you get the idea!

underwear ninja said...

well i understand what the story is suggesting. to base the day's food around a theme. but my suggestion is different. i reaffirm that you should eat one type of food until you're full. ya!

Big Penguin said...

Well, I've been working on a 5 pound bag of gummy bears this week..... this is AFTER I've already eaten 3 smaller bags of G-worms last weekend. You'd think that I'd be getting tired of them, but NOOOOOOO..... I could eat those empty calories all day long. Could it be because they are different flavors in the bag?