December 09, 2006

And the great swami says:

It's already happened: Weather types are already predicting and super-sized hurricane season for next year. Since when have they ever nailed down a good prediction? More importantly, who cares what the prediction is.... when you see a hurricane pop up on radar and it's coming close to your house.... RUN FOREST RUN! If it's not coming (or doesn't form), who the heck cares.

It's amazing that we have such little comprehension of mother nature. I think we should do away with the titles of weather forecasting, and meteorologist and just call them what they are: Radar watchers. Any dang fool can see a cold front coming. Any dang fool can see a line of showers, or a big storm coming. But much more than's all a guess.


Iris Blue said...

The 'predictor' was WAY off this year and kept revising his predictions when nothing happened. I hope he doesn't get paid for any of this.

Iris Blue said...

The 'Great Swami' needs updating.