December 07, 2006

Dear Phone Company

I don't want your stinkin' phonebooks so PLEASE STOP SENDING THEM!

I haven't owned a home phone for 8 years.... I rarely ever use my cellphone for anything except family calls, and if I ever wanted to call a business or resident I'd use the internet. Yet every year I get 8 new phonebooks delivered to my doorstep that I'm never going to use. I usually have to make a special trip to the dumpster because that many phonebooks fills up a garbage can in one shot. We've got a national "Do Not Call" list.... can't we make a "Do Not Solicit" list. Anytime I get unsolicited ads (or phonebooks), I consider it a form of vandalism. If you stop and thing about it... they are throwing something that I would never pick up myself (ie: trash) and forcing me to take responsibility for it's disposal. I don't want that kind of responsibility. If I find a flyer on my windshield wiper and throw it on the ground, am I littering?.... I think not. I would merely be removing the vandalism from my vehicle.


1 comment:

Steve said...

I like one GOOD phonebook. But now these fly-by-night wanna-be phone bookers are throwing half-effort garbage on my drive also.
AND... the phone company charges me to NOT list my name.

Do you know what it costs to get a full-page the ambulance chasing lawers on the back cover? 10s of Thousands of $$ MONTHLY !!

I agree on a do not litter on my car/lawn bill.