February 15, 2007

Seasons of the Week

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall...... these are the seasons of the WEEK. If you were thinking "year" you'd be wrong.

Monday (SPRING): - Kinda overcast but pleasant. Mix of sunshine, then a few showers. Temp outside was not too hot, not too cold.

Tuesday (SUMMER): - Really balmy and humid out. At 3pm (dismissal time) all hell broke loose and the rain came down from horizontally. The 65+ mph winds blew some nearby roofs off. I've only been out in 1 other storm in my life like this.....and that had a tornado flip cars less that 2 miles from where I was.

Wednesday (FALL): - BEAUTIFUL outside. Nice crist air.... Sunshiny.... Open the windows and love it.

Thursday (WINTER): - Overcast. Colder and colder throughout the day. Break out the jackets and bring in the plants.... we're expecting a hard freeze tonight.

Such is life in Florida

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Anonymous said...

Neat, we can experience a whole years worth of weather in one week. Can we pick the one we want to last?