June 12, 2007

French Keyboqrds

French Keyboqrds qre q little different fro, the keyboqrds in the USQ: Qll of the keys qre in the zrong spots: To illustrqte the point; Iù, typing this blog using regulqr typing on the keyboqrd in our hotel:

?qrk qnd I toured Notre Dq,e cqthedrql todqy; qs zell qs Versilles: Ze qte dinner qt Buffqlo Bills qnd thought it zqs funnèy to see hoz the French viez the Q,ericqn Zest:

OK, I know it is hard to read.... but this is how the keyboard is laid out


Anonymous said...

Qay, Q zan reaq it just finq. Ze tour zounds qunderful! Continuez, z'il vous plait. --Dad

Anonymous said...

qay, so cqn we.