June 17, 2007


Roma has been an Adventure

- Mark and I like the newer sections more than the ruins
- We're on our own.... no more tour
- We did Laudry....feel much better
- Mark and I have had enough pasta/pizza to last a lifetime
- We miss American food....especially the produce and drinks
-Roma has a LONG way to go to become a modern city
-It's been Gay Pride weekend in Rome.... Lots of marches and events (I thought I left that at DisneyWorld)
-Italians can been charming at times....pushy at others.
-In the central City, it's narrow streets and BEAUTIFUL. Where we are staying reminds me of Fort Pierce.... kinda rundown and blank
-I have no idea where people around here go shopping for ANYTHING! There are a million resaurants and Gelatoterias, but no markets of any kind
-They really like American music and TV/Movies.
-Mark and I are giants here. They asked us on two separate occastions about the size of our shoes.

We head out tomorrow morning for Florence.... we should be there one day and already have a reservation at a hostel (our first of the trip). It says on the webpage that it has internet connections, but we'll see what that means when we get there.
On the horizon; Venice, Innsbruck, Lucerne, Interlacken, Rhineland?

Farewell Rome..... we're off to the northern lands


Anonymous said...

Did you see the Pope? They mentioned his speech on the internet today and I thought you might have heard it live.

Iris Blue said...

You're going to love the Northern parts.