June 18, 2007

Day in Florence

We took the early train to Florence this morning. It was VERY smooth and pretty quick. By lunchtime we had already checked into our hostel (kinda) and were walking through the streets of Florence looking for sights

-David was closed today, but we got to see the full-sized copy in the square
-Huge cathedral... very nice
-Ate more pizza... and our NEW desert we love is Italian ICE!!!!
-Weather was beautiful.... scenery was beautiful, our pad is beautiful (kinda)
-Took a bus to the Michaelagello hilltop at sunset for some spectacular views

Overall, Mark and I are thrilled with how today went. We came, we saw, and we're outta here. Tomorrow morning we'll catch another morning train to Venice. Our hotel (not hostel) Is about 30 yards from St. Marcos... RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF VENICE. The next morning, we're taking a direct train to Lucerne. We have reservations at a hotel for 2 nights right downtown so we should be in good shape for awhile (we went to a travel agent today).



Anonymous said...

You make it sound so easy. I'm definitely taking one of YOU on THE AMAZING RACE.

Iris Blue said...

The travel agent was a great move. You know AMAZING RACE folks do the travel agent stuff too.

Anonymous said...

Now you're traveling like me. At least you have a plan for the next few days!

Anonymous said...

Sounds great. You solved the puzzle. Travel agent help was definitely a timesaver. On to Luzern! -nbk