June 14, 2007

Paris Notes

Ah, Paris.... beautiful city

-Love to Effiel Tower. It lights up at night and sparkles
-Lovre was awesome.. really wished we could spend a couple days in there
-Sacre Cure was charming... I don't like that you can't take pictures in it, but Mark and I got plenty of photos of the area
-The French are all going to die of lung cancer
-The subway is funny: it runs on tires, you have to open the doors to get on/off, and they are really stuffy
-Nobody blinks an eye at police cars... they drive EVERYWHERE with there lights and sirens on. Nobody gets out of there way
-Cafe meals last hours... I think they spend all day sitting on the corner drinking expresso
-Love the little streets/ cobbled stones
-purfumary was a complete waiste of time. Too bad many Parisians don't use them

In an hour we board a night train to Rome, Italy. Can't wait to get there and do a little laundry. If I had to repack, I'd bring LOTS more shirts and less toiletries:pants.

Weather has been beautiful, but it's been a little sprinkly the last hour or so.... I guess it's time to leave the country and look for sunnier cities.

Au Revoir


Iris Blue said...

Finding your posts is little gift. Your parfum pictures doesn't look very happy.

Anonymous said...

It's always exciting to see a new post from you. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

The kids were SO EXCITED to get your postcard! CJ read it in a 'British' accent. They both identified many of the photos on the front.

Thank you!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks again for the newsy Paris notes--really enjoying hearing your reactions to it all. --nbk