June 07, 2007

Greeting from LONDON!

We made it!!!!

After numerous flight delays, we left American soil on India Air flight 112 to London. There were very few people onboard which made it possible to stretch out and sleep. For food, we had curry and pork, some veggies, some interesting sauces, and Chana Bits. The in-flight movies were funny little shorts like "Green Warriors of Thar". Our bounce landing (yes, the pilot almost lost it on our landing) brought ous onto our first every outside continent.

Immediately, some obsurvations:
- The accent, of course
- words like: Lift, way out, chewable toothpaste, Bap......
- the weather is cold, and the Brits think it's boiling..... we keep getting looked at for dressing warm
- Everybody is really nice and they do things much more proper over here
- There are a million cellphone stores, but nobody really knows about cellphones for tourist (*except Nigel in Waterloo station who sold us both phones)

Our hotel is great:
- heated towel rack
-balcony is about 1.5 feet deep
-we needed to flip the lightswitches "off" to turn them "on"

The underground is MUCH better than anything we have in the states. It's so clean and efficient. In fact... London has to be the cleanest city ever.... there are a million street sweepers.

Today we walked to the underground to picadilly station. Had a little breakfast at a cafe, then walked to Big Ben/Parlaiment. We saw a motorcade go by (right next to us) and "think" we saw Tony Blair. We also did the London Eye and got our bird's-eye view of the city.

Everything we do requires a bit of trial and error. Even the internet-cafe we're at right now took a little getting used to: we starred at the kiosk for awhile, put in 4 pounds (about $6) and bought a card. We then searched through banks of computers, but found none that worked. We finally went to the basement and found some that we could use..... Adjusting we are

Lola doesn't work here. We bought a new GPS (tom tom). He should work in both the states and Europe, but he cost a small fortune. I'll give'em a charge tonight and "play"

Love this beautiful place. We're having some fun now and our tour should start tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

How COOL! We have been waiting to hear from you. Sounds like "Mark & Scott's Big European Adventure" is off to an exciting start.

I looked at webcam photos...everyone is in jackets and the temperature is 60. COLD!

Have fun!

Iris Blue said...

I'm THRILLED to be hearing from you so soon. Wonder what's up with Lola.

Hope you keep a journal. It'll be hard to remember the details if you don't because everything is so different.

If you're cold, wonder what they think cold is.

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Great stuff! Keep 'em coming!-nbk