November 15, 2005

The Tech Business

In tech, it isn't who you know, it's what you know. I don't fancy myself much of a techie, however, in the education world where overhead projectors are still considered "cutting edge" equipment, I am futuristic. So several times a week I have teachers come up to me with the same opening line "I have a question, but it's personal" (the first couple times I heard this line, I was like..... what? What kind of personal questions could they want from me). Then I find out later that they need technology advice.
This week I had a teacher ask me what an "M-something" was and if I'd recommend it for her son for Christmas. Huh? M-something? She continued "It plays songs". OH, MP3 players.... of course.... where was my head? At this point I know exactly what she's talking about and I have tons of expertise in this area. But where do you begin? Does she know the difference between Ipods and other MP3 players? How do you explain how to download music? Is her son going to rip his own CD collection? All of these questions flew right over her head..... AND she lost interest in the whole idea. There goes another young man's Christmas hopes down the drain because their mom talked to me :-(
I also had another teacher, also very tech challenged, come up and ask if I would help her buy a laptop for her son's Christmas present. He's going off to college and she has 1000 - 1200 to spend. GREAT! Now I have images of her son killing me if I suggest anything but a $1200 computer.... but was does he value? Big screen? Big Hard drive? How about a favorite brand or asthetic features? Who am I to buy this laptop for her son? ...... at least I thought that way until today.......
I spent last night poring over the Black Friday ads that were leaked on the internet. I already know what doorbuster deals are out there and have plenty of time to shop for features. Upon surfing the net, I found that the laptop I was considering is on sale NOW for the same price as the Black Friday price. Upon checking with this teacher, it's a GREEN LIGHT!!! I'm off to go buy it. I get to the store and there are TWO simlar models for the exact same price. Oh crap, now I have to decide: Does her son what a small widescreen that can burn DVDs or a Larger regular screen with no burning? I decide to go with the bigger screen. "Do you want us to check it for you for $19" the clerk asks? "NOPE", "Do you want the extended warranty?" the clerk asks "NOPE". Then the peer pressure starts and they tell you all the horrible things that are going to happen if you don't get the service plan..... and I think...... NOW I KNOW why she needed me to buy this thing for her. And there is NO POSSIBLE WAY I can go wrong with my decisions because anything would be better than this teacher being thrown to the techie sharks.



R the Great said...

You are too good to be true. Most teachers at our school wouldn't lift a pencil to help 'after school'.

underwear ninja said...

m-somethings, huh?
i feel your pain sometimes working with ninny heads.
what the heck is a black friday ad?

Iris Blue said...

Yeah, but what about those I-somethings?