November 11, 2005

Need Water.... Please

So there I was.... in the shower. I had just finished putting some conditioner in my hair and was in the process of using my body wash and "puff". I lathered up basically everything when all of the sudden the water stopped.....

.... Nothing... not even a trickle. I stood there with sudds in my ears and eyes waiting for the water to come back on, but it didn't. After a couple minutes of wishful thinking, I started wiping the soap off my body with my hands and reached for a towel. Thoughts raced through my head: Did I pay my rent and water bill? Yep. Maybe the office messed up and didn't forward my water payment. OR maybe my pipes broke and my dishwasher is spewing water all over my kitchen.... who knows. I toweled off what I could and put on some clothes, marching to the office to find out what happened. Turns out they were already fielding calls from other angry residents who are waterless.

"Any idea when I can wash the soap and shampoo off my hair?" "They said soon." "What happened?" "The city has shut down the water line to our area to fix damage caused by hurricane Wilma.... should be up soon."

GREAT!!! So as I sit here typing this morning..... I have conditioner in my hair and my skin smells like body wash. If the water doesn't come back on soon I either go swimming at the community pool or microwave my britta water and rinse my head the "ol fasion way".

PS - Wet hair gets COLD


Iris Blue said...

You had Wilma damage? I didn't know Wilma even ruffled your grass let alone damaged your water supply. Clever idea to microwave the water.

R the Great said...

Yes, wet hair is cold. In the winter, it's a problem which requires showers at night or getting up WAY early to dry it. In the summer it's a great way to keep cool!