November 21, 2005

Just some Rambling..... Somethin', Huh?

- Yeah, I'd like an Xbox 360, but ain't no way I use it enough to justify the $400 price tag.
- Took the Florida teacher Technology Inventory test (FL wants to see how techie its teachers are). I got 100% on 5 sections of the test, but the last one (Ethics, Copywrong, etc), I missed a question...........oh well, I'm not bitter (yes I am).
- Who made up the Thanksgiving menu? The pilgrims didn't eat any of the stuff we call "traditional Thanksgiving" food. Instead they ate Fish, berries, watercress, lobster, dried fruits, clams, venison, plums, and ducks. Flour was rare and potatoes were still considered "poisonous".
- I love 2 day workweeks. We should have them more often :-)
- Decorated for Christmas at my apartment yesterday. I'm so happy with my decorations, but refuse to turn on any lights are displays until after Thanksgiving (actually, In my mind Christmas season starts as soon as Santa concludes the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade)
- Why do teachers need to be "nice" or "accomodating" to stupid parents? It's not our fault that their kids have more braincells than they do. Of course, we would never call a child dumb because they are still learning, but let's face it......once you reach adulthood, one could make so resonable conclusions about a person's intelligence. (I know I know, breathe in....breathe out, it's only a job).
- Word of the day: BerGeepers (he scared the berGeepers out of me)
- Tomorrow is Mrs. White's birthday..... should be fun... mostly because she likes to make a "big deal" out of her own birthday. People that brush off their own birthdays ruin the event for everybody else who would like to do something "nice" for that person. (Warning - I'm not giving a greenlight for people to "go overboard" here.... just express an interest).


underwear ninja said...

so its sposed to snow here the night before thanksgiving. but not to worry, it has to be at least an inch. but at least you got me breathing faster for a minute.

R the Great said...

Where will you be on your birthday?