November 19, 2005

Harry Potter

Oh yeah, This one was GREAT!!!!! The Potter movies have never really gripped me before; I always felt they were too long or dull. This movie, however, is the exception! Action packed, funny, scary.....It couldn't be long enough!!!! The new director is fantastic: Great lighting, flow, special effects, sound.....It's a total package.

Some things that struck me:
- The trio are getting really old.... especially the guys. They're really bulking up. Herminoe is a hotty (always has been).
- Dumbledore seems a bit out of character. In the first two movies his speech was hallowed and succint. In Goblet, however, he was forceful and almost confused.... Like he wasn't in control of the situation.
- I want to play in the Quidditch World Cup.... Looked like SO MUCH FUN!!!!

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