November 17, 2005

Rebate Hell

Went back to tompUSA today and bought a laptop. The guy was really starting to get on my nerves.
"Do you want the service plan?" NO!
"It's good for service....... NO THANK YOU
"What about any of the other FREE things?" I COULD USE A PRINTER IF IT"S FREE
"Yes, a printer and Norton Firewall, and Disk Doctor...and.....
"You'll want the service plan....." NO, I"M NOT GOING TO PAY FOR IT
"Yes, you'll need it.... I'll just bring it up to the cashier" DID YOU HEAR WHAT I SAID! I DON"T WANT IT!
Anyways.... I was about to tell this guy exactly where he could stick his "service plan", but I had my school shirt on so I didn't want to tarnish my school's good name.

Then the rebates started coming....... all 7 of them. Each printed on 4 feet of reciept ribbon. Each with it's own requirements, mailing address, and hoops to jump through. I'm not looking forward to filling them out and have found out that I'm not even eligible for one of them because I didn't get a digital camera. Why can't they make rebates EASY? I think STAPLES is my new favorite store because they have a system called (drum roll please.........) EASY REBATE! You just go online, type in your reciept number and it does your rebate stuff....

....for now though, I'll trudge through my 24 feet of rebate ribbon, and try to find out which one is going to get THE ORIGINAL UPC instead of the copies.


Iris Blue said...

You bought a laptop? for you ?
Bad boy!

R the Great said...

You are just getting warmed up for Black Friday....Hey, remember me that morning while you are shopping.

Big Penguin said...

Yes, I bought it.... but it's not for me. It's for Mrs. Mogensen's son's Christmas present

Tillerman said...

I think the so-called sales assistants in CompUSA are paid $2 an hour but they make $50 every time they con some poor unsuspecting customer into a service plan. At least they behave as if that's how they are paid.