June 12, 2006

Sports: Who really cares?

So the World Cup is being played in Germany this year and the nobody in the US really cares. Ask the average person on the street about the US team or the top World Cup seeds and your bound to get blank looks. So what is the bigger tragedy: Not doing well at the world cup?.... or not caring about the sport in the first place? The problem is that OTHER people care and want you to care too (Soccer is by FAR the world's most popular sport).

I'm flipping through the channels tonight and came across the "Rocks, Paper, Scissors WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP"! Yes folks, this was on national Television. The contestants were real, the fans were real, the cash was real ($50,000 prize)..... but WHO REALLY CARES! It's not a sport in "my book". In fact, neither is baseball, swimming, NASCAR, darts, or any other sport I could care less about. So who am I to say that "Rocks, Paper, Scissors" isn't a sport....... after all, it's a sport to somebody.

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underwear ninja said...

wow cool. i'd like to go to the nationals!