June 07, 2006

Glad they aren't mine

So I'm on my way to Beverly Hills for a little R&R and my car starts to shimmy all over the place on the Turnpike. I pull into a rest area and check my tires (I had been having trouble with one losing air recently). Turns out my tire had bubbles all over it and was getting ready to blow. I turned around and went back to Toyota to see if they had time to gimme 4 new tires. "NO PROBLEM"! It would be about an 90 minutes.

I went to a little mexican restaurant to pass the time: REAL mexican restaurants
have waitresses that don't speak English, have menus written only in Spanish, and have Coke/Pepsi served in really old school glass bottles.... it was quite an experience

Anyways, back at Toyota... waiting on my car.... I walk in and there are 7 or 8 kids running all over the place screaming at each other as they pretent to blast each other away with their finger guns. For about 10 mintues they went CRAZY: Crawling under my legs, under furniture, climbing on chairs and jumping off, screaming at the top of their lungs, giggling all the while. Finally one of the employees came over and chewed them out... got them all set up with a movie and walked away. They were quiet all of 60 seconds and then started right back with each other. 20 minutes later, one of the Toyota employees got the idea that these kids just needed some cookies to keep them quiet. Instantly the room was quiet and the kids were angels. She put the remainder of the cookies at the coffee table in front of me (in case I wanted one) and walked away. Well, about 2 minutes later, the kids spotted the cookies and started taking 3 or 4 each..... it was a mess. Finally, one of the little kids (maybe about 5 yrs old) quit beating aroudn the bush and took the entire platter of cookies to his corner.... so much for that snack!

For they entire time I was there, these kids were some of the worst I've ever seen. I can't believe Toyota would allow them to go crazy like that..... Sure I know their mom/dad are probably in a big deal, but so are many other customers that I bet got fed up and walked out. Even though I work in an elementary school, I couldn't wait to get my car back and get as far away as I could.

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Iris Blue said...

Couldn't you give them the 'teacher look' and make them quit?

Were these customer's kids or employee's kids?

Where were the PARENTS????