June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day

Happy Dad's Day!!!

On this joyous day of days, I offer another nomination for "Stupid Invention of the Week".

What father wouldn't want a high capacity jump drive to take files back and forth between the office? It's every father's dream. Now I know what your thinking.... Jump drives are so boring looking these days.... You wish they were a little more fun to play with, right?

Well your prayers have been answered. Introducing the Jump Drive Teddy Bear!! By day it's a cute cuddley bear, but with a twist of the head, he transforms into a high tech storage device for the 21st century. You'll be the talk of the office for sure with this thing in your computer.


Iris Blue said...

Looking at a teddy bear butt while you're at the computer is really fun!

underwear ninja said...

i'm speechless