June 29, 2006

News Flash

- Goodbye World!!
I just read on the local news website that there is a "potential hazardous astroid" headed to pass earth this weekend (Actually 12:10am July 3rd). It's over 1/2 mile wide and expected to get as close as our moon... That's just a little too close for me.

- I'm going through major media withdrawl. My internet and cable TV is scheduled to be hooked up Monday afternoon. Until then, I savor my time at my old apartment cause I can still get online with my laptop.

- High Definition..... it's the way of the future! (It's also the way of the past)

1 comment:

Iris Blue said...

I feel your pain. We can only get internet in the lobby somewhere or the room somewhere else IF we have enough bars.

Asteroid huh?....bye. And you just got a new condo to live in.