August 28, 2007

The right FIT

So there I was, a few weeks back, flipping through countless racks of dress shirts at Kohls. School was about to start and I wanted something new to wear (tax free + coupons = yeah baby). I started with the "display" shirts... they look good on the dummy but... I needed to keep looking around. I scouted the clearance racks.... miles and miles of them.
No, No, Nope, heck no, no no, maybe, no, mmmm no, maybe, AHA OK... found one. It was a "safe selection". Actually it was like pretty much everything else I own only newer. I placed it on the end of the rack and decided to keep looking.

I continued my shopping ritual: flipping through the racks until I found a gem in my size then placing it on the end of the rack for later evaluation. Pretty soon I had all of my favorite shirts displayed on the ends of every rack in the men's department (looked like my closet, only bigger). I was just about finished with a section when I spotted a shirt I liked, but couldn't find a "Large" size. Hmmm, I didn't really want an XL because they don't quite fit right in the shoulders, but I didn't want a medium cause that would look silly. Suddenly, I saw it. A size I'd never seen before..... "LT".

I'm not exactly sure what "LT" stands for but I'm guessing it's "Long & Tall". I was so excited to see this size that I went back to all of my other favorited racks and found LT sizes for them also.... switching all of my shirts to LT.

....which brings me to today. Today was the first time I've worn one of my LT shirts. At first, I felt a little weird. It actually went down below my butt, however when I looked in the mirror it seemed to sit on my shoulders nicely (not too big). I asked myself "is this how short people feel everyday"? Well whatever the answer I can report that I'm very pleased with my LT shirts and I can't wait to wear the next one. I finally found a shirt that fits well. If it had 2 pockets I'd nominate it for the SHIRT HALL OF FAME!!!


nbk said...

L.T. shirts do indeed go way down. As a shortie, I have trouble bending if I button them clear to the bottom, as I found out when the only 2-pocket shortsleeved white dress shirts available were L.T.'s also. Glad you can wear them comfortably.--nbk

Anonymous said...

oh no...are you a 2-pocket guy too?

Iris Blue said...

Maybe ONLY LT shirts have 2 pockets.