August 03, 2007

He's at it again.....

William Gray puts out a "hurricane prediction" forecast every year.... and every year he's DEAD WRONG! That's not the problem though. Everyone has a prediction, right? Yeah, well the problem is that the media jump all over this guys predictions like it's coming from God himself.

Last year, Mr. Gray predicted a super duper season. As the season starts Mr. Gray starts to "revise" his predictions. No hurricanes this month?... well, I'll just revise my predictions down a bit.

With this years season well under way and nothing to show for it, Mr. Gray announced today that he's going to knock 2 hurricanes off his prediction. Thanks....ANYBODY can predict the weather after the fact.

Why do we listen to these guys anyway? If there's a system brewing, we take action..... If it's quiet, we watch for the next one. Who cares what the "PREDICTION" is? It's about as reliable as the groundhog.


Iris Blue said...

I predict his predictions are WRONG!

Anonymous said...

He's wrong again this season, as usual. Since his predictions are so wrong so often, he is predictably wrong I suppose. Thus, all we need do is believe the opposite of what he predicts, right? -nbk