December 03, 2005

Poor Animals

OK, so Christmas is around the corner. It's the best holiday of the year, WHAHOO!! We've got the Holiday music playin', and people being all nice to each other (or not), and merriment spread all over the place.... ALL leading up to the big night was Santa comes to your house with lots of presents for you (oh and Jesus get's another year older too). Everybody knows it's Christmas season..... all humans that is.

What about the other members of the animal kingdom? Do you think they have any celbrations or holidays that they get excited about? I guess the first time it gets cold or warm would be a big day for any creature, but what about birthdays, anniversaries, weddins' and the such? Animals couldn't give a flyin' flip about our celebrations.

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Iris Blue said...

I don't know, I think maybe they get to eat different holiday foods. They have the excitement of the Christmas tree with sleeping upder it, climbing it, and playing with the ornaments that are low and dangly and occasionally chewing on package ribbon. How much more exciting can you get?!