December 06, 2005


I saw Narnia Tuesday evening..... It's meetsNeverending Story Lord of the Rings. Extreamly well done and beautifully filmed. I didn't like the ending, but hey....I don't usually like the endings of these types of movies. On a scale from one to ten, this was a strong 8.
The audience, however, was a different story. At every movie theater experience I am witness to, I always scan the audience and see what kinds of people are there. This particiular movie has been celebrated by many Christian groups for it's..... well, I don't really know why they think it fits their cause. Anyways, this particular audience suprised me because they weren't what I was expecting. In the row in front of me sat big mama Cass, her 12 brat children, and her HUGE redneck boyfriend/husband. They brought caprisons, potato chips and food for their entire family. Oh, and they were very noisey, crass, and trailer-trashy the entire time. Moving on to my row, I sat next to Anne. She could be described as "nearing retirement" and fancies herself as a modern woman of wealth. She made a point to laugh, ever so annoyingly at any little thing (as to attract attention to herself). Then when her daughter told her about Kohls Department store, Anne wanted her daughter me meet her tomorrow morning so they could shop together. OK, nothing strange, right? Well, the daughter kept saying "I'm busy, I'm booked"....but Anne didn't hear any of it, she just kept suggesting earlier times until they were to meet at 6am. Oh, then Anne would say "I just have to be finished by 10 because I'm going to a Christmas Party" (She was very proud of her little party.... again attracting attention to herself.... loudly..... so everybody could hear). When her daughter still declined, Anne called Bob..... Apparently Bob doesn't know Anne very well because she had to introduce herself over the phone. She proceeded to ask Bob for a "favor"....... Would HE go with her to Kohls tomorrow because he was a senior and could get her a discount. Bob must have declined, so Anne persisted.....Anne finally told him to call back if he preferred the early morning OR the evening (I have a feeling Bob would rather go to the dentist)....however, She reminded Bob that anything around 10 was bad for her because of her Christmas Party.
Now, I never got a look at the people behind me.... but I don't think they EVER brushed their teeth. We're talking big-time Stank breath.
I was expecting an audience of successful Christian church-goers. It turned out to be more of the trailer park variety.

Going back to the religous aspect of the movie. I never want to hear the Christian groups poo poo Harry Potter EVER again. There was so much more witchcraft and fantasy and evil etc, than you could ever accuse Harry of doing.


Iris Blue said...

That breath must have been something awful if you could smell it from behind!
Maybe you could have offered to 'shop' with Anne. I'm sure she would have been thrilled. :-)

underwear ninja said...

nice lion emblem that kid has in the pic. must be a member of gryfindor.
o, and harry potter 4 was the BEST <=D

Iris Blue said...

It's Dec 26th.....20 days later....time to update with something. Even though I haven't seen Narnia yet.

R the Great said...

Loved it! Thanks for suggesting we all see it on your birthday.