June 27, 2008

In Loving Memory of ______

I'm not sure I like driving behind cars with decals in the back window that pay homage to the dead. I'm talking about "In Loving Memory" decals.... those little stickers that stare you in the face at red lights and make you do a quick year calculation to figure out how old the person lived to. Am I supposed to remember the deceased? Am I supposed to feel sorry for them? If not, why put it in my face. It makes more sense to me that these messages should be on the INSIDE of the car so that family members can look at them everyday. What do you think?


Iris Blue said...

I detest the roadside memorials in our fair city complete with little fence, flowers, and the obligatory holiday decorations years after the death. They don't even allow all of that at REAL cemeteries.
Roadside memorials to people who are not famous to anyone but their families. They could build a shrine in their own yard and look at it all the time.I just want to rip them up.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. The roadside memorials, etc make our country look trashy.

nbk said...

Shrines belong in memorials, cemetaries, and other non-public places where people who wish to remember the dead can go in respect, not the in-your-face bumper and window stickers and roadside totems misguided people erect. They're out of place and frankly show disrespect for the memory of those they want to honor, because it cheapens the memory by making it so common and out of context. Drivers' attention should be on the living, not the dead.