May 17, 2007

Some random thoughts.....

- I fell asleep last night watching American Idol. In my dreams, I was at the Publix seafood counter and the guy was trying to sell me fish that things hidden in them (Kinda like pearls and such.....Opa Opa Oyster). He then started ranting about rare coins and how they'd appreciate in value and be such a good investment. When I woke up, there was an infomercial/ late night sales show for valuable coins. You know, I think there's an untapped market for "Dream TV". They could put programing on to guide your thoughts while you sleep.... Hmmmm

- Only 2 days of school left.. .YAHOO!

- I'm going to post some classic Ninja/Penguin videos on YouTube. I'll post the link soon.

- EuroTrip countdown is in the TEENS.... YAHOO!

- I had a table fall on a 5th grader today. I had stacked them to make room for them to sit and he tried to push it. Well, the stacked of tables came tumbling down on him. Just goes to show: 1) Everybody is smarter than SOME 5th graders. 2) I can't kid-proof my library at the end of the year

- I'm looking forward to seeing "Inside Our Body" exhibit at the museum this weekend. Ninja had peeked my interested when he blogged about it a while back. Should be interesting.

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Anonymous said...

did the kid get hurt?