March 21, 2007

Cruise Log #2

OK, I'm gonna be brief (I'm charged by the minute here):

Cruising ROCKS!!! So much to do, AWESOME FOOD, and everything you need is always taken care of for you.
Our day in Ocho Rios Jamacia was a monsoon. It rained and rained....but it was GREAT! We went up into the mountains to the rainforest and used our Zipline cables to fly down the mountain through the canopy. At the bottom, we followed a raging river back to out bus. Along the way we saw so many beautiful flowers, trees, and animals (peacocks, hummingbirds, etc..)
Yesturday was Grand Caymon. Very different since it's a British commonwealth. The water was a super bright aquamarine blue. Our snorkel trip was cancelled due to choppy seas, but our bicycle tour went all over the island....including Hell. I've got some great pictures to share when I get back.
We'll be in Cozumel in about 30 mins. I can see the entire Mexican coast from my window. Today we'll be riding Segways along the beach and snorkeling. I've got my sunblock on so LET THE DAYS ACTIVITIES BEGIN!!!


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Hey, you guys are having fun!--nbk