November 12, 2006

Yep.... I need my own

I can't wait to have a washer/dryer of my very own. This morning I woke up extra early so I could wash my work clothes (typical weekend ritual). Not many people wash clothes early in the morning so I usually have the place to myself. Today I noticed that the laundromat door deadbolt had been engaged and left open, but went about my business in solitude.

During the wash cycle I went around the building to the gym to take a walk on the tredmill. Nothing really heavy, just a light stretch/warmup for a day of running at work. When I came back to the laundry room, there was a man and woman on the bench. The woman was sleeping in fetal position with her head resting on his lap while he read the morning paper. I also noticed that they weren't doing laundry..... so they had to be homeless.'

I finished my wash cycle and moved my stuff to the dryer, then left. I thought about them stealing my clothes but seeing as it was just my work uniform I figured they wouldn't want them. When I returned 30 minutes later, they were both standing next to my dryer looking very guilty. My dryer was 'OFF' too (It's supposed to go for 60 mins). Apparently they had put their clothes in with my clothes to dry them off. I took my clothes, felt them to make sure they were dry (which they were since I only put 3 articles of clothing in). The woman then turns to me and asks "Sir, may we have the rest of your minutes to dry our clothes?" HOLY FREAKIN' CRAP!! You may as well..... you were tampering with my clothes anyway (GRRRRR)

Yup, I can't wait to have my own washer/dryer.


Iris Blue said... need your own.

You probably need to report the deadbolt/homeless issue to management.

Anonymous said...

da noive!

underwear ninja said...

yes i'd report that nonsense

Anonymous said...

Is that your Christmas wish list item??